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Computer Aided Strategic Planning of Digital Enterprises

Concepts, Methodology and a Toolset
Author: Amjad Umar


The objective of this book is to present a practical coverage of strategic planning, engineering and management of digital enterprises with emphasis on computer aided planning. This book is based on corporate experience, consulting assignments, teaching graduatae level courses, and research in computer aided planning, engineering and management. The emphasis and format of the book has been greatly influenced by practical insights gained through numerous consulting assignments and discussions with practitioners from different industry segments and World class organizations such as the United Nations, the Fulbright Foundation, Bell Communications Research, IBM and Ford Motors. Development of graduate level courses in this overall area at the university of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and Fordham Graduate School of Business have also influenced this book. The salient features of this classroom tested book are:

  • Emphasis on recent and relevant issues

  • Focus on the planning, integration, security and administration of digital enterprises

  • Mixture of business and technologies, not just buiness or pure technology

  • Several case studies and examples to illustrate the key points.

  • A step by step methodology that shows how all the pieces fit together

  • A computer aided toolset (SPACE – Strategic Planning, Architectures, Controls and Education) that can be used in classroom exercises and hands-on corporate training workshops


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