Resources for Courses on Mobile Computing, IS Security, Client/Server Computing, and eBusiness

Instructor Corner Overview

Welcome to the Instructor Corner Overview page. This page is intended to help the instructors who are developing and teaching university and industrial courses  on business and technical aspects of the following topics:

-         Mobile computing, mobile commerce, and wireless communications

-         Information security and auditing for mangers

-         Modern distributed computing and client/server systems (Web technologies, Web Services, component-based architectures)

-         E-Business architectures, integration, and management

-         E-Business technologies (networks, middleware services, middleware platforms for EB/EC)      


To access the relevant instructor materials, click on the relevant links below (this leads to the general page on each book) and then click on Instructor corner:  

Mobile Computing and Wireless Book Information

IS Security Book Information

EBusiness and Distributed Systems Handbook Information

Third Generation Distributed Computing Information

If you are an instructor, I can provide you review copy of the text, lecture slides (powerpoint), sample course outlines,  sample assignments, and other support material. .

Please Contact us with university name, course title, and modules you want to review. I will send you Passwords and IDs for the text chapters and instructor support material of the modules you want to review. We will send you  ID and PW for the protected area.